A-Z of Automotive Consulting

  • Green Field Projects to Business Run ,

  • Viability assessments of Projects on Cost , Time and ROI (CTR)

  • Profitability and Cash Flow Management

  • Innovative thinking in OE and Dealers

  • Marketing and Sales Strategy Designing and Implementation.

  • Customer Centricity Projects – Digital Content across functions to increase, reduce time to market with cost reduction.

  • Channel Partners and Dealers – Viability and Business Implementation.

  • Dealers – Manpower Efficacy and Effectiveness /Organizational Functional Viability and Restructuring Model

  • New Business Models – ACES

  • Training to Sales, Marketing from Junior to Senior leaderships.

Sales , Marketing , Business Development Consulting

  • Creation of Inbound Marketing Strategy.

  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Market Research and Case Study Reports

  • Sales 3X Escalation.

  • Market Assessment / Marketing Plan Development /Strategic Positioning/ Target Marketing

Sales , Marketing , Business Development Consulting

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