Executive Coaching

Improves and focuses on helping junior and senior leaders within an organization to improve their leadership and personal performance. It is likely to be provided by an “external coach” and selection of a coach can be based on coach’s experience and his methodology, qualifications and guidance. Executive coach guides leaders to have a “thinking space” and a sounding board to think through issues and generate new ideas. I have found that it is often as much about the personal growth of the executive and can be transformational for them, as they redefine their purpose or what is important to them personally. Both one on one and team or group coaching is need of the hour .


Leadership Coaching

Aimed at helping leaders to improve their leadership capabilities. The coach often has previous experience of a senior leadership position within a corporate organization and therefore understands the organizational and corporate cultural issues that can impact on someone in a senior leadership position. Leadership coach blends his/her experience with the organizational needs , value system , psychological trends with NLP and coach for high performance and sure progress methodology.


Life Coaching

Focused on modern type of coaching that has arisen in response to the demands of today’s fast-paced lifestyle and business world. Life coach can train and guide people on various aspects like anxiety , anger management , stress management , relationship , self-esteem , behavior , work-life balance , anxiety on health , children’s career and well being , etc . We take pride in guiding you on the most sought after life coach requirements of today’s fast life of work-life balance , parenting , relationship management , stress management and health management .


Career Coaching

Focused on individual career development and growth. This applies for fresher , new joinee, junior to senior management for any organization . Grooming of career can be done by advising, mentoring , periodic self-assessment tools , skill guidance and adopting world class proven methods for definite career plans . These coaching helps individual plan their short to long term career plans with definite insights and action plans.



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